This One Thing Will Change Your Organization for the Better…


Providing a stellar customer experience is equally rewarding and challenging. Like with anything that demands hard work and consistency, having the right support system in place is vital for success. Recently I completed my first marathon. I didn’t wake up one day and just run 26.2 miles off the couch. I spent many months practicing, training, and preparing. However, I still didn’t cross the finish line on my own. I had an incredible support system- several coaches/friends- that helped me along the way.


So, what do racing and customer experience have in common? More than you might think, actually. Behind every great athlete is a coach or support system. They work with you to set goals, create a training regimen, keep you accountable, provide expertise, and champion success.


  • Set Attainable Goals
  • Create a Training Regimen
  • Keep You Accountable and on Track
  • Provide Knowledge and Expertise
  • Champion success


Designate who your customer experience cheerleaders are and then empower them to assist your front line teams. Coaches help pinpoint areas to improve upon and are great assets to your customer experience efforts. Reaching your goal never happens over night just as maintaining your goals never happens without determination and hard work. Coaches serve as encourages and have a knack for championing success.


Do you have customer experience champions? How do they coach and support your team? Leave me a comment or send me a tweet!


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