Mirror, Mirror on the Wall- Is My Customer Feedback Fairest of Them All?

Feedback in an incredible tool if leveraged correctly. Many times leaders and employees shy away from requesting feedback because they either 1) are afraid of what they’ll hear, 2) don’t care enough or want to make changes, or 3) simply don’t make time to ask. What you might fail to understand, however, is that customer feedback is a pretty accurate reflection of your organization.


Have you ever looked in the mirror and thought- where did that come from, how did that get there, or simply oh $H!T? Mirror offer true reflections and don’t have the ability to lie, if it’s not what we believe to be true. The same stands with customer service. If you’ll take the time to embrace customer feedback, you’ll learn a thing or two about your overall experience offering.


Feedback is Instantaneous

Any time a customer reaches out to you with feedback it’s instantaneous, even if you personally don’t hear about it right away. You may receive feedback through various channels, such as: email, in-person, on the phone, or via social media. The amount of feedback you receive most likely will depend upon the size of your organization. Southwest Airlines is likely to be contacted more than your niché clothing boutique on Main Street. Regardless, in today’s age feedback is received very quickly.


Feedback is Detailed

Let’s be honest- most customers are very detailed in their feedback. Yes, you’ll have some who just hate you and they don’t know why, but deep down inside they have a reason. If a customer is going to take the time to provide you with feedback, it’s going to be based off of their experience and will include specific details. If their approach is vague begin asking questions that will drill down on a granular level. Why did they have their food? Was it too salty, too sweet, too runny, over cooked, etc.


Feedback is Authentic

If your customer is taking the time to offer you feedback, they certainly care about your organization and are trusting you to bring about change. Their feedback is raw, authentic, and real. Part of my job is to speak with customers who are extremely upset. By the time the call comes to me, they have already spoken with one of my agents and were not satisfied. So, when I pick up the phone, things are hot and escalated. When I sit and listen, I hear authentic, genuine feedback. They are upset with how they were treated, most often times by one of our vendors, and/or are upset with the terms of our services. I love this type of feedback because it allows me to hear from the most upset customers and create solutions for all of our customers, even the ones who didn’t take time to provide feedback.


I believe many companies avoid feedback or don’t take it seriously because it’s not always fun to be on the receiving end. It takes a commitment to excellence to elicit regular feedback. Is it pleasant listening to angry customers? Absolutely not. But have I taken such feedback and implemented organizational change? Absolutely!


I am fortunate to work for a company where customer feedback is encouraged and welcomed from the top down. From our C-suit executives, to our VPs, employees and everything in between- we all celebrate feedback. We review highs and low during our weekly meetings and I encourage my team daily to request instantaneous, detailed, and authentic from our customers.


How  do you approach feedback in your organization? Do you celebrate or shutter at the thought? Leave me a comment below or send me a tweet!


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