jetBlue’s Moving Message to Moms: We’ve Got Your Back

You just boarded a long flight, got settled into your seat, and cracked open your book so that you can finally learn what happens to the main character and his leading lady. Just as you are immersed in the thickening plot, a crying baby squeals from seat 32B, pulling you back into reality. Suddenly, you realize it’s going to be a long, painful flight across the country.


Babies and planes don’t typically fare well together. Now, I am not a mom and I certainly can’t relate to traveling with an infant. However, I am a seasoned traveler and have shared a fare amount of flights with unhappy babies. It’s not fun for anyone. In fact, it can be an incredibly stressful experience- both for the mother and child, and all passengers aboard.


jetBlue understands this and did something incredible on a recent flight. If you haven’t watched this commercial already, do yourself a favor and click ‘play’. Disclaimer: you might want to grab some Kleenex!



So, what is it about jetBlue’s offering that makes this commercial so powerful? They care and they are putting their money where their mouth is. It’s easy to talk cheap with pretty ads and flowery commercials. However, if there is no follow through or action behind those campaigns, such words will always fall flat. And customers are not dummies- they see right through the shallowness.


jetBlue has long been a catalyst for pushing the customer experience needle and certainly dialed it up several notches with this campaign. After all, do you know how many traveling moms are out there and have nightmares about flying? jetBlue reached out to a large portion of its customer base and communicated ‘We care!’.

Although we can’t all mimic jetBlue (nor do we want to), here are 4 important takeaways to keep in mind:


Be Personable

The essence of the commercial is raw and pulls (violently) on your heart strings. My husband is a tough man’s man and even smiled while watching it. Every individual can relate, especially if you’re a mom. They crafted a message that puts the human touch into the service trail. They used real stories that every mom deals with. They were personable in approach.


Be Relatable

For those who are not mothers, the commercial is equally relatable. If you’ve ever flown on a plane chances are you have heard a crying baby at least once. jetBlue took a real problem and crafted a solution around the issue. They were relatable in approach.


Be Honest

Rather than try to smooth over the issue with fancy PR statements or an empty ‘We care but not really’ slogan, jetBlue addressed the elephant on the plane. They didn’t hide the fact that no one enjoys listening to crying babies. Rather, they had an honest conversation around the issue. Furthermore, they brought empathy and awareness to what it’s like to be a mom flying with an infant. This commercial works because they were upfront and honest in their approach.


Be Unique

It’s not every day you board a plane and celebrate crying babies. In fact, I’ve never heard of this approach in my life! Most flight attendants do the best they can to assist families with small children so that disruption is kept at minimum. jetBlue took things one step further by compensating every passenger. This instantly shifted individual’s negative perceptions and suddenly lifted the temporary weight of the world off of a couple mom’s shoulders. They were unique in approach.


Have you flown jetBlue? What was your experience like as a passenger? I’d love to hear about it so leave me a comment below or send me a tweet!


PC: Jet Blue

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