Going with the Flow: How One Curveball Led Me to a Great Opportunity

My summer didn’t go as planned, but isn’t that usually how life goes? We make plans, get thrown a curveball (or two) and then have to readjust. Well, that’s exactly what I did. And in many ways, my summer was far better than I could have imagined. Let me explain…


Earlier this Spring I had recently moved, was finishing up a grueling semester of grad school and was working in a position that challenged me daily. My stress levels were off the charts and I dreamed of taking a napping vacation. Fast-forward a couple months later and I was semi moved in, bombed my first final but somehow still managed to pass, and without a job—all in the same week. It was as though my entire world came to a screeching halt. So, I put the last 18 months of my professional life into a small box, went home and spent the remainder of the day gardening to clear my mind.


I was ok with these sudden changes for a moment and then my wheels started to spin a bit. What was I going to do next? Where would I work? Would I find something I enjoyed doing? All of these questions raced through my mind. However, I reflected on a time a couple years back when I found myself in an all too familiar situation. I would do again what I did then. Wait and trust God that I would find something that excited me. I’ve settled in my career before, choosing chasing fortune rather than passion. I didn’t want to journey down that road again; it never ends in long-term fulfillment.


So, I waited. And searched. Waited some more. And searched some more. I had several interviews and many coffee chats in pursuit of finding a job that energized me. I put myself out there in ways that were characteristically uncomfortable, however, it all paid off. One coffee date and a couple emails later I found myself sitting in front of some pretty rad individuals interviewing for a position with a company that I had been watching for quite some time. Little did I know that I would soon be asked to join the team.


I am beyond excited to announce that I will be working with Deb Secord and Jen Fiore at Guild Mortgage! Their passion for great service and dedication to their customers aligns perfectly with my values. The decision was a no-brainer. I am very much looking forward to learning everything I can about the mortgage industry and helping grow the Guild brand.


Thank you to those who encouraged me along the way and listened when I needed it most. You know who you are. Oh, and the rest of my summer turned out pretty rad as well. I caught up on sleep, saw a few beautiful sights, and spent some much-needed time with my hubby. So yeah, I’d say my summer was better than I could have imagined in the most simplistic way.


If you’re in the mortgage industry or would simply like to chat, I would love to connect. Send me an email or find me on Twitter!

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