Does the Non Squeaky Wheel Get the Grease, Too?

Feedback is the currency of customer service. After all, if your customers aren’t talking, you most likely are doing something terribly wrong. So what comes to mind when you think of customer feedback? Most likely it’s complaints. We are all too familiar with them. In fact they are pretty much guaranteed to come with the job. However, receiving customer feedback- good and bad- is the best way any company can grow.


Do yourself a favor and check out “75 Customer Service Facts, Quotes, and Statistics.” Here are a few about customer feedback:

  • American customer tell an average of 16 people about a poor experience versus 9 people about a good experience
  • 86% of consumers quit doing business with a company because of a bad customer experience
  • Approximately 1 million tweets are sent each week about customer service. Roughly 80% are negative or critical


Any Google search about ‘customer feedback’ will produce thousands of results that touch on the basis of mitigating complaints. Yet, is all customer feedback negative? Absolutely not! In fact, happy customers tend to be more brand loyal and love talking about their experiences.


Why does the squeaky wheel- aka ‘the complainer’- get more attention than happy customers? Don’t happy customers provide solid feedback, too? Even though we all want to silence the annoyingly squeaky wheel, it’s important to thank and praise the loyal customer as well. Here are a few ways you can thank those who support you:


Pick up the phone

We all expect an answer from someone when we express unhappiness; however, we certainly don’t expect a response when everything is as it should be. After all, don’t organizations have more haters to hug? One of my favorite things to do is pick up the phone and call a customer who has taken time out of their day to say ‘thank you’. I love reaching out to hear why they are satisfied and to see if there is anything else we can do for them. More often than not, they are shocked I called and express even more their loyalty to our brand.


Send a quick note

Everyone loves having messages in their mailbox. Even better is receiving snail mail in a digital age! Just as much as I love picking up the phone, I also love pulling out a blank card and crafting a personalized message. Something we have done at Bristlecone Holdings is have branded thank you cards for all of our staff to use at their leisure. I encourage my entire team to pull out a card and write a simple note whenever they speak with a customer. If you don’t have the ability to send hand written cards, email is a great alternative.


Social shoutouts

According to, approximately 78% of Americans have at least one social network profile. That’s a whole lot of tweets, posts, and updates daily. And hopefully some of that chatter is about how awesome you are! If you’re not online now, what are you waiting for? Give your customers a personal shoutout and thank them for their loyalty and support. Writing a message takes very little time and costs you nothing.


How do you take care of those who give you feedback love? I want to hear from you! Leave me a comment or send me a tweet.


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