CX Highlight: Whitney Digesti and Guild Mortgage

If you’ve ever played the real estate game, then you can attest it’s a major decision that comes with a certain level of stress. The overall process is riddled with decisions, like choosing a neighborhood, style of home, school zones, HOAs, etc. And those are ‘mostly’ fun decisions. However, there are a couple decisions that are even more important: choosing your agent and lender.


My husband and I sold our home earlier this year and bought a new place with a bigger yard for our pup Remi. This was hands down the most stressful transaction because I was working full-time while also going to graduate school. The mere thought of trying to pack up everything and schlep it across town nearly put me in the fetal position. Thankfully, we had the privilege of working with some AH-MAZING individuals to make it all happen smoothly.


The Reno real estate market has picked up dramatically, making it challenging to get into a home. We knew we would need a top-notch realtor who would work diligently to get us as many of our wants/needs. We chose to work with Whitney Digesti. Not only is she a realtor, she is also a licensed attorney. She was able to serve as both our realtor and also provide legal counsel. A traditional realtor can’t give any recommendations or advice when it comes to law. However, we got double coverage by working with Whitney! We had the peace of mind in making our decision because she walked us through every single step of the process. Not to mention she loves negotiating. She was always available, worked quickly to get answers and submit offers, and patiently showed us a bazillion homes.


Choosing a great lender is equally important. After all, they are the ones who will ‘show you the money’. We chose to work with Shayla Gifford’s team at Guild Mortgage. This was our second time working with Gifford’s team and they sure knocked our experience out of the park, again. Both times we managed to close escrow in under three weeks, which I’ve heard is pretty fast. Everyone at Guild worked hard to make our experience as effortless as possible. They were incredibly organized, efficient, and most importantly so pleasant to work with. Sure, that may sound standard for the industry, but how often do you look forward to actually meeting with a lender? What impressed me most, however, is their attention to detail. For example, a Guild member showed up at close of escrow with a moving survival kit. There were tons of goodies in this bag, including anything we may have needed while moving in, like trash bags and tooth brushes. They even included bubbly and chocolate! Gifford’s team also works hard to establish and maintain relationship with their customers, as is evident through follow-up emails, birthday celebrations, etc. Being their customer felt authentic rather than platonic.   


I am happy to report we found a home we love and are happily planting new roots (and pulling up others in the backyard). None of this would have been possible—or bearable—without the assistance of Whitney Digesti and Guild Mortgage. It truly takes a village to close real estate deals! If you’re thinking about buying a home anytime soon and live in the Reno-Sparks area, do yourself a favor and call Whitney Digesti and Guild Mortgage. You won’t be disappointed, I promise.

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