4 Easy Ways to Elicit Customer Feedback

Constructive feedback is necessary for any organization to be successful. It’s also an incredible tool if leveraged correctly. Listening to what your customers have to say about your company, its products and services, and employees will serve as a mirror, allowing you to determine if you like what you ‘see’. The catch, however, is collecting raw, honest feedback. Here are four ways you can elicit feedback from your customers:



Surveys are a quick and easy way for customers to bubble in a couple answers, write an open-ended answer, and press submit with minimal intrusion.


Direct Communication

Speaking with your customer directly may sound obvious, and it should! Although technology has transformed our lives and made things relatively easier, nothing should fully replace speaking with your customers directly. Pick up the phone, reach out to them in person, or send a brief note.



Who doesn’t love a little healthy competition now and again? A great way to get customers to engage with your request for feedback is by offering free product(s). Depending upon your company, giveaway something that your customers would want to win and request they tell you how you’re doing. This typically works best on social channels.


Social Media

Our world has gone social and everybody is moving toward online instant communication. If you’re not there already, you’re missing out big time! Tweet, post, or snap about recent product developments, new services offered, or changes within your organization and ask others what they think about it. For example, you may be trying to decide between a black or blue fabric color and want to know what will sell best.


What’s your go-to method for eliciting customer feedback? I’d love to hear it! Leave me a comment below or send me a tweet.

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